The Board of twinning-committee

The Board of Directors is elected every year by the Association members during the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The board then elects its Bureau which is made up of : the president and its deputy, the secretary and its deputy and the treasurer and its deputy.

Following the AGM which was held in Château Kergoz on Tuesday 1st July 2014 at 08.00pm, here is the new board of directors for the 2014/2015 year :

 Sylvie BARBET (Councillor), Gérard CROUQUET, Réjane CROUQUET, Michel GUIRRIEC, Evelyne GUNTHER, Françoise LETELLIER, Josiane MORVAN, Edmond SCOUARNEC, Thierry TANNEAU, Valérie TANNEAU.

Bureau :

President : Françoise LETELLIER, Vice-president: Thierry TANNEAU ,

Treasurer : Gérard CROUQUET, Valérie TANNEAU (deputy).

They were re-elected

Secretary : Evelyne GUNTHER, Edmond SCOUARNEC (deputy), were elected.


Suite à l'Assemblée Générale du 26 Août 2015, voici les nouvelles compositions du CA et du Bureau :

Conseil d'Administration :

Sylvie BARBET (élue municipale), Daniel COUSIN (nouveau membre), Gérard CROUQUET, Réjane CROUQUET, Evelyne GUNTHER, Françoise LETELLIER, Josiane MORVAN, Eric PERSON (nouveau membre), Michèle RANZONI ( nouveau membre - élue municipale), Edmond SCOUARNEC, Thierry TANNEAU.

Bureau :

Présidente : Françoise LETELLIER, Vice-président : Thierry TANNEAU , réélus.

Trésorier : Eric PERSON, Daniel COUSIN (adjoint), élus.

Secrétaire : Evelyne GUNTHER réélue, Edmond SCOUARNEC (adjoint).



Last edited: 17/09/2018